BASF to raise prices for Styrenic Copolymer Specialties in Europe

By Redazione

As of November 1st, 2007, BASF will be raising its prices in Europe for the Styrenic Copolymer Specialties by up to 150 Euro per metric ton: This product group includes Luran© S (ASA),
Terluran© HH (High Heat-ABS), Terlux© (MABS), Luran© HH (High Heat SAN: AMSAN) and Terblend© N (PA/ABS).

These price increases are necessary to improve margins, so that BASF Styrenic Copolymer Specialties can continue to provide reliable service and high quality products together with product and
application innovations.

Styrenic Copolymer Specialties are used everywhere in the automotive, building and construction, health care and diagnostics industries as well as in appliances, in electrical and electronic,
household, office and recreation sectors.

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