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FSA: Tyrone consumers urged to eatwell

By Redazione

The Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland (FSANI) recently held a meeting of its Food Advisory Committee (NIFAC) in the Linen Green Centre, Moygashel, Dungannon, Co Tyrone to discuss how using
the Agency’s new eatwell plate can help consumers achieve a balanced diet.

This meeting provided a great opportunity for people in County Tyrone and beyond to air their views on the barriers to eating a healthy balanced diet and learn how the eatwell plate can be used
to educate people in settings such as schools and community groups.

NIFAC Chair Dr Maureen Edmondson said: ‘I am delighted to have held the NIFAC open meeting in Dungannon. The Linen Green Centre provided a wonderful venue to bring together people from the
local community, to discuss their understanding of achieving a healthy balanced diet.

‘Representatives from local community groups came along to the event and enjoyed an interactive game using the eatwell plate. We were also pleased to have a panel of experts at this meeting who
discussed and debated the use of the eatwell plate. All of this provides very helpful input for NIFAC and allows them to give better advice to the Agency.’

FSANI welcomes members of the public to its NIFAC open meetings, particularly those who have an interest in food issues. Dates of future meetings as well as minutes and agendas can be found at
the link below.

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