WWEA calls for level playing field for wind energy sector

By Redazione

The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) has published its latest resolution, containing a number of recommendations for policies and actions in order to further the development of renewable
energy sources.

At its Sixth World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC) in Argentina, the international non-profit association called for the removal of all subsidies and the internalisation of all externalities to
achieve a level playing field. Until this is achieved, ‘compensatory regulatory frameworks such as sufficient and effective feed-in tariffs that encourage renewable energy developments, and
that provide sufficient financial security to promote long-term investment’ should be pursued, the WWEA recommends.

In addition, the resolution supports the demands for a new independent international renewable energy agency, a measure originally proposed by the World Council for Renewable Energies (WCRE).
In order to increase cooperation and prioritisation between renewable energy technologies, the WWEA advocates better interaction of national, regional and global networks in the sector.

However, this enhanced cooperation should not only include developed countries. Developing countries, too, should be taken into account and given easier access to technology transfer, the
association points out, ‘to realise the full benefits of renewable technologies such as sustainable jobs through local manufacturing and accessible energy for increased wealth and productivity.

The Sixth World Wind Energy Conference was held from 2 to 4 October in Mar del Plata, Argentina. According to the WWEA, 600 delegates and exhibitors from the wind and other renewable energy
sectors attended. The next conference is scheduled for June 2008 in Kingston, Canada, and will be focussing on the issue of community power.

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