FSA Scotland launches the «What's Cooking?» Guide

The Food Standards Agency Scotland has launched a ‘What’s Cooking?’ guide to help people set-up and run school and community food clubs, the guide aims to help participants plan and prepare
balanced meals, read and understand food labels, be creative in cooking food, budget for food and learn basic food hygiene skills.

It can be used in a variety of settings, including schools, community, voluntary and social care, and the clubs can be run by all kinds of people from student helpers, parents and carers to
youth leaders and community volunteers.

FSA Scotland Assistant Director, Lydia Wilkie said: ‘We have produced the “What’s Cooking?” guide to encourage people to set-up and run school and community food clubs. The guide is designed to
help people learn how to cook healthy and safe food.

‘This is a fun and useful way of making it easy for people to understand how eating the right amount and types of food can help them maintain a healthy, balanced diet.’

What’s cooking? A guide to setting up and running community and school food clubs

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