Atos Origin wins 2007 innovation award for m-Payment solution

By Redazione

Paris, October 9th, 2007 -Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin Company, has won the 2007 Innovation Award in the “New Uses” category for its mobile payment solution, the awards were organized,
for the third year, by Orange Business Services and Syntec Informatique in partnership with French business daily La Tribune.

The prize-winning solution enables secure bankcard payments from a mobile phone.

The Innovation Awards are designed to promote future-facing solutions and innovative new uses emerging from the ever-deeper convergence between information systems and telecommunications. The
2007 awards ceremony took place in Paris on October 4 during the IP Convergence show.

“We’re delighted to have received the “New Uses” prize,” said Dominique Rérat, Atos Origin Vice President for Innovation. “It recognizes the expertise of our teams in leading-edge
solutions, as well as our ability to anticipate convergence trends in payment services and telecoms. This is our second Innovation Award, demonstrating the Atos Origin Group’s commitment to
continuous innovation.”

The Pay2me m-Payment solution, which was developed by Atos Worldline in collaboration with Belgian mobile phone operators BASE, MOBISTAR and Proximus, enables secure payments via GSM wireless
phones. The solution was rolled out in Belgium in March 2007. Pay2me delivers an innovative alternative to conventional card payments since the GSM handset replaces both the merchant’s payment
terminal and the customer’s card. The service implements the m-banxafe technology developed by Atos Worldline, which provides fully secure, guaranteed payment.

“In our constant drive to research and develop the technologies of the future, we recognized that payment via GSM is a compelling offer,” said Vincent Roland, Executive Vice President of Atos
Worldline. “We imagined and designed this award-winning solution in conjunction with Belgian mobile phone companies to bring the electronic payment paradigm as close as possible to consumers,
providing them with the full benefits of mobile payment thanks to a simple service that can be used anywhere.”

With over 25 years of experience in payment services, with several references in m-payment in the banking and telecom markets, Atos Worldline covers the full value chain and delivers its
payment solutions in processing or integration modes.


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