Science, spin and advice on a plate

Following the publication of the World Cancer Research Fund report, the Agency is reminding people that the key to a healthy diet is getting the balance right. Check out the blog from FSA chief
scientist Andrew Wadge, as he discusses the balanced approach to food news.

The Agency continues to keep a watching brief on emerging evidence regarding the complex relationship between diet and cancer and looks forward to carefully considering this report together
with our scientific advisory committees.

Eating a balanced diet is a simple approach that can work for everyone, and one we know can help reduce the number of diet-related illnesses in the UK, such as cancer, heart disease and

The FSA’s eatwell plate is a practical and clear reminder of what a balanced diet should look like and which foods we should aim to eat more or less of to help stay healthy.

We can, and should, enjoy all foods just by keeping an eye on the proportions in which we eat them – that basically means eating a variety of lots of fruit and vegetables and basing meals on
starchy foods, such as rice, potatoes, bread and pasta which are comparatively low in fat. When it comes to meat, fish, eggs, beans and dairy products, we should aim to eat these foods in
moderation and only occasionally enjoy foods that are high in fat and sugar.

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