McDonald's tests bigger burger

McDonald's tests bigger burger

By Redazione

McDonald’s is fattening up its menu, testing the
concept of putting one-third of a pound of beef on a bun. It would be its biggest burger yet.
The Angus Third Pounder is being tested in California. It tastes like really big, super-sized Big N’ Tasty. The patty is a little bit like a bigger, better Quarter Pounder.
The question is, What took so long? When it comes to so-called premium burgers, McDonald’s is following the herd.
The Angus Third Pounder is being tested at McDonald’s throughout southern California. There are three different versions at $3.99 each — the Angus Deluxe, Angus Mushroom & Swiss
and Angus Bacon & Cheese.
That’s the same price as the so-called “Six Dollar Burger” which Carl’s Jr. rolled out followed by Hardee’s, which are actually a half-pound each. Both fast food
chains are owned by CKE Restaurants.
The burgers have been a huge hit for that company, and one reason Burger King followed with its own Angus burger. These burgers — we talked to all three companies — have slimmer
margins but higher profit per burger. Wedbush Morgan says burgers still account for 50 percent of the $123 billion fast food industry.
“For the first 17 days, we’re either hitting or exceeding all of our targets at this point,” said Chris Woicik, a McDonald’s regional vice president. “So we’re very,
very pleased with the early results. But again, we’ve only got 17 days of it so we need a longer time to read it.”
Competitors do not seem worried.

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