Change in BASF's leadership team

BASF has announced the successors to the new members of the Board of Executive Directors who were appointed in July, as well as further changes in its leadership team.

Effective January 1, 2008, Dr. Bernhard Nick (49), Senior Vice President Strategic Planning, will, as President, assume responsibility for the division Verbund Site Management Europe. He will
thus become the new Site Manager of BASF’s Ludwigshafen Verbund site, succeeding future Board member Dr. Harald Schwager (47).

Gabriel Tanbourgi (51), head of the Global Procurement & Logistics division will be appointed head of the Fine Chemicals division as of January 1, 2008, thus succeeding future Board member
Dr. Wolfgang Büchele (48).

Effective December 1, 2007, Tanbourgi will be succeeded by Dr. Eckhard Müller (56), currently head of the Finance division. In turn, Müller will, as President, be succeeded by
Manfredo Rübens (44), Senior Vice President Corporate Controlling, effective November 1, 2007.

Effective December 1, 2007, Dr. Walter Gramlich (56), head of the Intermediates division, will assume responsibility for the Strategic Planning & Controlling division. He succeeds Dr.
Rainer Strickler (60), who will retire at the end of the year. On November 1, 2007, Gramlich will be succeeded as President by Dr. Beate Ehle (44), Group Vice President Performance Chemicals
for Detergents and Formulators Europe.

From January 1, 2008, Dr. Eckart Sünner (63), BASF’s General Counsel and head of the Legal, Taxes & Insurance division, will focus on his duties as Chief Compliance Officer and will
continue to report directly to the Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors in this function. As of the same date, Sünner will be succeeded by Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel (48). Engel was
until recently based in the United States, where, as President, he was responsible for the integration of Engelhard Corporation into BASF. Engelhard was acquired by BASF in 2006.

Dr. Bernhard Nick has headed the Strategic Planning unit since 2006. He started work at BASF in plastics research in 1986 before going on to gain experience in controlling and M&A projects
in the Chemicals and Plastics segments. He was subsequently responsible for production and technology for the plastic polyethylene, and became the first head of BASF Petronas Chemicals Sdn.
Bhd. in Kuantan, Malaysia in 1997. His tasks in the latter function included establishing the Verbund site there. From 2001 onward, Nick headed the global business unit Alkylene Oxides and
Glycols, followed by the unit Investment Evaluations, both in Ludwigshafen. Nick studied chemistry in Tübingen, Germany, as well as economics in Tübingen and at the
FernUniversität Hagen, Germany.

Gabriel Tanbourgi was born in Lebanon and studied electrical engineering at the University of Brunswick, Germany. Tanbourgi spent several years of his career in Saudi Arabia, Libya and
Switzerland and obtained an MBA from INSEAD in France before joining BASF in 1987. He was initially head of controlling for Marketing and Sales Germany. From 1994, he assumed responsibility for
Finance, Controlling & Information Services at BASF’s former pharmaceuticals subsidiary Knoll AG in Ludwigshafen. In 1997, he became head of the Pharma Chemicals business unit at Knoll, and
was appointed Managing Director of BASF Pharma Chemikalien GmbH & Co. KG, Ludwigshafen, three years later. Tanbourgi was appointed Group Vice President of the Strategic Marketing Pharma
Solutions unit at BASF in 2002 and was made President of BASF’s Global Supply Chain Competence Center once year later. He has headed the Global Procurement & Logistics division at BASF
since 2004.

Dr. Eckhard Müller joined BASF in 1982 in the Financial Planning and Controlling unit. Three years later, he moved to BASF Wyandotte Corporation in the United States, where he was
responsible for cash management. Müller then gained further experience in financial accounting, operational accounting and logistics at BASF before becoming member of the management of
BASF Japan Ltd., Tokyo, as Managing Director for Finance and Logistics in 1987. Four years later, Müller became head of the Subsidiary Financing and Acquisitions department. He was
appointed head of the Finance division in 1998.

Manfredo Rübens has been Senior Vice President Corporate Controlling at BASF since 2005. After completing an apprenticeship as a bank clerk and studying business administration at the
University of Mannheim, Germany, Rübens began his career at BASF in 1991 as a specialist in the Capital Markets department. He spent three years at BASF Corporation in the United States as
Director of Finance before assuming responsibility for the unit Accounting, Controlling, Treasury, Credit and Collection for South America at BASF S.A. in Brazil. In 2001, Rübens was
appointed Vice President of the unit Planning, Controlling and Post Merger Integration in the Agricultural Products division and was based initially in the United States, later in Germany.

Dr. Walter Gramlich has been responsible for the Intermediates division since 2003. Gramlich, a chemist, joined BASF as a researcher in 1979 after completing his doctorate at the University of
Heidelberg. He gained initial experience in Fine Chemicals, as a personal assistant to a member of the Board of Executive Directors and as head of marketing for intermediates. In 1993, he
transferred to BASF Corporation in the United States as Group Vice President of the Chemicals division. In 1996, he assumed responsibility for the Industrial Chemicals division in Ludwigshafen.
In August 1997, Gramlich was made head of the Textile and Leather Chemicals division, which he then transformed into the Colorants division headquartered initially in Singapore and, from July
2000 onward, in Ludwigshafen. In 2001, he additionally became head of the Process Chemicals division for a short period. For two years, Gramlich was then responsible for the Performance
Chemicals division, which was formed from the Colorants and Process Chemicals divisions in mid-2001.

Dr. Beate Ehle has been Group Vice President of the unit Performance Chemicals for Detergents and Formulators Europe since 2006. She studied chemistry at and was awarded a doctorate by the
University of Würzburg. After joining BASF in 1990, she gained initial experience in the development of specialty chemicals for detergents and cleaners. Ehle was a product manager and head
of marketing for surfactants before working in strategic planning, acquisitions and divestitures in the Performance Chemicals and Coatings divisions from 1999 onward. Two years later, Ehle was
made responsible for the establishment and technical management of BASF Venture Capital GmbH, Ludwigshafen. She assumed responsibility for the global business unit Alkylene Oxides and Glycols
as Group Vice President in 2004.

Dr. Rainer Strickler has been head of BASF’s Strategic Planning & Controlling division since 2001. After receiving a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Darmstadt, Strickler
joined BASF as a researcher in 1976. Stations in his career have included production, controlling and marketing of specialty chemicals, as well as several managerial functions in the Specialty
Foams and Polyurethane Basic Products units, the latter of which was located in Brussels. From 1999 onward, Strickler was responsible for the Industrial Chemicals division, which became the
Inorganics division in 2000.

Dr. Eckhart Sünner has headed BASF’s Legal, Taxes & Insurance division since 1992. He joined the company in 1972 after obtaining a doctorate in law from the University of Regensburg
and passing his second state examination in law in Frankfurt. He acquired experience in the United States and in BASF’s Taxes and Customs department. In 1990, he was delegated to the Treuhand
Agency in Berlin for two years.

From 2006 until recently, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Engel was responsible for the integration of Engelhard Corporation into BASF and was based in the United States. Engel is a lawyer and joined BASF’s
Legal department in 1988 after gaining his doctorate from the University of Göttingen. After working for BASF Corporation in the United States
and as a personal assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, he was appointed Managing Director of BASF Schwarzheide GmbH in 1997. Three years later, he assumed
responsibility for the Regional Functions NAFTA division at BASF Corporation in the United States.

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