Caldo Caldo Puglia’s frozen product ready to microwave or oven cooking at Bellavita EXPO London (Video)

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London, 19-21 july   – Bellavita Expo 2014 – Bellavita Italian food and wine expo is the largest b2b trade show in London dedicated to gourmet Italian products.


Caldo Caldo: The gastronomic culture of a land rich with colours, aromas and natural flavours.

The Caldo Caldo laboratory was born with the idea of reviving “mum’s old receipes” on the tables of traditional cuisine lovers.
The “Tavoliere delle Puglie” (Table of Apulias) is a large expanse of greenery in the spring.
Intensely cultivated with wheat, sugar beet, tomatoes, olive groves and vineyards, it boasts consolidated leading productions that combine tradition and innovation.
The flagship of the Italian agricultural economy represents the world heritage of typical food treasures of the Mediterranean diet.

Caldo Caldo brings tradition to the table.
The artisanal preparation techniques and the methods of the Tavoliere cuisine
are the valued choices in our laboratory.
The flavour of the surrounding territory is present in every dish, full of local authenticity, an expression of popular traditions and natural goodness of the earth.

The importance given to raw materials, the manual preparation and the use of traditional cooking methods, help to enhance the flavour in each dish.
The products are artisanally prepared without any added preservatives and each single portion is weighed, packed and frozen according to the required applicable regulations.

Caldo Caldo srl _ Via di San Giuliano 26 _ 71121 Foggia (Italy) _t. +39 0881 312576 / +39 0881 312644 _ /


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