Valtidone Group presents Parma Ham, Coppa and Pancetta to Bellavita Exhibition in London (Video)



Valtidone Group represents one of the most interesting groups in the branch of Italian cured meat production since 1956 with its brands Valtidone Salumi Srl, Il Colle Srl, Pontenure Salumi Srl e Monpiù Srl.
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The group is leader in Italy for the production of Coppa (Shoulder) and Pancetta (Belly).


Marchio IL COLLE piccolo






In the factories of Valtidone Salumi Srl, Il Colle Srl, Pontenure Salumi, located in the districts of Pavia and Piacenza, we produce many types of coppa and pancetta: from dalla Coppa di Parma PGI, to the typical Coppa Piacentina PDO and Pancetta Piacentina PDO, Pancette Coppate (Belly enrolled with shoulder), Bacon, rolled Belly and other typical italian regional products, such as Pancetta and Coppa with hot pepper.

In the district of Parma, our Salumificio Monpiù produces the famous Prosciutto crudo di Parma Dop,  the typical Salame Felino IGP, Culatello, Fiocco and other regional products.
All our products are gluten free and allergens free.
All the group factories respect the highest standards about health and hygiene and they have obtained the certifications BRC and IFS.
During the production the most advanced technologies are applied to the handcraft process, in order to respect ancient traditions about meat transformation.

We invite you to taste our products.


I – 27040 ROVESCALA (Italy)
Contact person:
Dr. Elisa Franzoni (Export Manager)
Mobile phone +39-3351393591




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