BACARDI(R) introduces the first authentic ready-to-drink mojito cocktail

MIAMI — BACARDI(R) rum, the world’s favorite rum, has launched The BACARDI(R) Classic Cocktail Mojito, a ready-to-serve cocktail made with BACARDI Superior Rum, natural lime and mint
flavors, it takes the guesswork out of preparation, delivering an authentic BACARDI mojito cocktail that can be enjoyed anywhere.

The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito is perfect for home entertaining or for any social occasion. Simply pour over ice in your favorite highball glass to serve the perfect classic mojito, today
one of the most popular — and legendary — cocktails.

The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito package features a distinctive green cap and light and «refreshing» design. The 15-percent alcohol-by-volume (30 proof) ready-to-drink cocktail
has a suggested retail price ranging from $19.99 and up for a 1.75-liter, soon to be followed by a 750-ml size.

«The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito delivers real mojito taste in a ready-to-drink package,» said Joe Metevier, brand director, Bacardi Traditional Rums. «It reinforces our
position as the leader in mojito cocktails through executions in all major adult beverage categories including the Original BACARDI Mojito featuring BACARDI Superior Rum now our pre-mixed,
ready-to-drink option The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito.»

In the late 1500s English pirate Sir Richard Drake, subordinate to Captain Sir Francis Drake, prepared the first version of a drink combining aguardiente (the crude forerunner of rum) mixed
with sugar, lime and mint known as the Draque, Drak or Droc.

In 1862 BACARDI revolutionized the spirits industry when founder Don Facundo Bacardi began producing BACARDI Rum, the world’s first light bodied rum, in Santiago de Cuba. It was around that
time the official recipe for the Draque was altered replacing the aguardiente with rum and thus creating the Mojito.

The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Mojito offers the ultimate in flavor, convenience and true brand heritage dating back to the mid 1800’s when BACARDI rum was first used to make the mojito. For more
information, please visit

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