XTEL presents Sales Quotas & Incentives Management

By Redazione

Sales force’s targets and incentives management is currently becoming increasingly complex. Companies tend, in fact, to reward not only the ability to produce sales volumes, but the people’s
capability to enhance the assigned business at a global level: to open new channels; to establish and keep a good relationship with the customer; to process orders in alignment with the
company’s business policies and logistic needs; and to develop the full potential of the territory according to the company’s operational methods. To make this new and unconventional approach
easier, XTEL launches a dedicated solution, Sales Quotas & Incentives Management.
“Quantity alone is not enough, today the key-word is quality” – says Rita Masera, XTEL’s Senior Project Manager – “The sales person has to perform a ‘quality-driven’ sale, which the company
will process with exactly the same ‘quality’. We have devised a system that optimises this process, providing a structured definition of ‘quality’: it is therefore able to retrieve and process
a vast amount of data regarding the customers, their points of sale, orders, payments, promotions, the sales network’s history, and then translate them into measurable KPIs. Only in this way
will the company be able to provide its sales force with targets that are consistent with its general objectives and actually achievable by everyone. Another thought that lies at the root of
this new module is that increasingly articulate commercial and promotional policies have little chance of success if the person who has to carry them out in the field is not paid or motivated
by applying the same criteria.
XTEL’s module Sales Quotas & Incentives Management has been created with the clear aim of supporting consumer goods manufacturers to achieve the best results with their sales force, through
a transparent and effective management that allows to set ideal sales targets and connect them to the right incentives.

The system offers various functionalities; among them:

● it allows to align the sales force’s objectives with the company’s, setting both annual and periodical targets based on articulated metrics;

● the solution enables the definition of any type of sales incentive, be it monetary, non-monetary, or even based on point collection. Incentives
settlement processes can be automatically prompted whenever the system identifies that the related sales targets are satisfactorily reached by sales people. Moreover, thanks to a configurable
authorisation workflow system, incentives related to both qualitative and missed targets can be accessed and discretionally authorised by the sales direction. Therefore, the sales organization
is empowered to evaluate exceptional situations and make the best use of available commercial resources to reward sales force performance. The integration of Sales Quotas & Incentives with
the accounting system allows for a timely settlement of incentives, a correct classification of operational expenses, and a right management of related accruals.

● it is an effective control tool: the company can constantly check the progress of individual objectives that have been assigned against the overall
target and monitor how the entire sales force is working as well as how much each person is earning. On the other hand, the individual sales representative has his/her specific situation under
control: the amount he/she is earning but, most importantly, what steps need to be taken, week by week, in order to achieve the final objectives. Moreover, causal data can be easily accessed
and navigated by people both at the headquarters and in the field. This functionality is fundamental not only to support a transparent management process, but also to reduce the needs of sales
representatives for a shadow accounting system. In addition to this, sales direction can promptly intervene in order to guarantee that feasible and appropriate sales objectives are assigned to
sales people, which prevents dissatisfaction among them and costly turnover.

In short, Sales Quotas & Incentives Management provides all the essential elements to create a successful team, able to win the most exciting sales challenges.

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