Vienna joins bidders for EIT secretariat

By Redazione

Vienna has become the latest EU city to bid for the administrative headquarters of the future European Institute of Technology (EIT), the idea of establishing an EIT was first mooted by
Commission President José Manuel Barroso in 2005. It now has the backing of the Parliament and Council and is beginning to take shape.

The structure will comprise a Governing Board, a secretariat and several Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). The KICs will be partnerships between the private sector, the research
community and universities, designed to combine all sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’ (education, research, innovation). The plan is that the KICs will be able to rapidly convert the results
from basic research into new technologies ready for the market.

Presenting his capital city to a Brussels audience, Austrian Science Minister Johannes Hahn said: ‘Austria offers the best framework conditions for the secretariat of the IT.’ He emphasised
Vienna’s international character, as well as its location close to numerous universities and research institutes.

Vienna’s application to host the secretariat is not made with the primary intention of bringing researchers into Austria, said Mr Hahn. He is more focused on creating ‘sustainable, intelligent
networking’ from pre-existing structures.

Breslau, Budapest and several German and Spanish regions have already expressed an interest in hosting the EIT secretariat. A decision on its location could take place at the EU summit in June.

Four renowned scientists with private sector experience were appointed at the beginning of February to select high level researchers to sit on the EIT Governing Board. All appointments are
expected to be made before the summer.

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