Nestle cuts cereal salt levels

By Redazione

Cereal manufacturer Nestle has announced it is to cut the salt content of one of its leading brands by 15 per cent, appeasing health-conscious consumers and giving the product a healthier

From March, a typical serving of Shreddies breakfast cereal will contain 0.5g of salt or nine per cent of an adult’s guideline daily amount.

The announcement comes as UK pressure group Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) encourages consumers to boycott high-salt foods and force errant manufacturers into following the example
set by the majority of the industry who have reformulated products to respond to consumer concerns.

In a report published by the group today, CASH said the breakfast cereal sector had played its part in salt reduction with most cornflakes in the UK cutting salt content by about a third since

Nestlé say the company has been reducing salt levels in its UK breakfast cereals for the past ten years and reduced levels of the additive by 30 per cent so far with a quarter of the
group’s brands containing no added salt.

Nestlé nutritionist Dr Clare Chapman said: As part of our ongoing commitment, we’re continually trying to make all of our cereals even healthier. This latest salt reformulation for
Shreddies demonstrates that commitment.

According to Nestlé, over 250m servings of Shreddies are eaten each year in the UK, making it one of the country’s top 10 breakfast cereals. All varieties of the brand – Original,
Frosted, Honey and Coco Shreddies – will see salt levels drop by 15 per cent.

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