Monsanto's stacked trait corn technology receives european regulatory approval

By Redazione

ST. LOUIS (October 25, 2007) – The European Union (EU) has approved the import, processing and use of YieldGard© Corn Borer (MON810), stacked with the Roundup Ready© Corn 2
(NK603) trait, for food and feed use in the EU. Both traits were created and commercialized by Monsanto Company (NYSE: MON). In 2005, the EU had grandfathered this stacked product already in
the marketplace for use in processed feed, but had not acted until today to grant full regulatory approval for both food and feed use.

“Monsanto welcomes the Commission’s ruling on YieldGard Corn Borer stacked with Roundup Ready Corn 2 technology,” said Ernesto Fajardo, US crop production lead for Monsanto Company. “This
decision is good news for U.S. corn growers who have rapidly adopted this new technology on their farms.”

For growers, the significance of full EU approval means the Market Choices© designation for these hybrid varieties and the existing grain channeling requirements will now be removed.
YieldGard Corn Borer stacked with the Roundup Ready Corn 2 trait has now achieved the same regulatory import status as single trait corn products such as Roundup Ready Corn 2 and YieldGard
Rootworm, as well as Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soybeans.

The Market Choices© program currently in place for growers identifies those hybrids that are fully approved for food and feed use in key markets such as the United States, Canada and
Japan, but are still awaiting the necessary approvals in the EU. Growers who plant Market Choices© hybrids must utilize designated delivery options for this grain such as feedlots, feed
mills, and on-farm feeding, or work with grain handlers who agree to accept and channel the grain.

Growers who have adopted and planted YieldGard Plus, YieldGard Rootworm with Roundup Ready Corn 2, YieldGard VT Triple? , YieldGard VT Rootworm/RR2? or YieldGard Plus stacked with Roundup Ready
Corn 2 hybrids will still need to market the grain under the Market Choices© program until all remaining steps of the EU regulatory process are completed for these products. Growers should
also continue to work with their local seed dealers and grain handlers for specific stewardship and channeling/deliver requirements.


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