Low fat crisps hope for healthy sales

By Redazione

UK company Orange Tree launched a new wheat and potato baked crisp at the IFE trade fair this month while competitor Tyrrells, who specialise in premium-style handcooked crisps, branched out to
offer rice puffs and fritas to the health-conscious market.
According to a UK survey carried out by research group Key Note, around 40 per cent of those questioned said they were buying less potato crisps and other savoury snacks than 12 months ago and
83 per cent argued that manufacturers needed to do more to reduce fat, salt and sugar levels in snack foods.
Orange Tree’s new Crips line is baked rather than fried and claims to be lower in fat than standard fried variety thanks to its healthier cooking process. It joins the small but competitive
baked snacks sector.
Spokesperson Gareth Smith said: “We baked Crips using less oil than standard crisps but the wheat and potato combination means we can beat other baked products on flavour and crunch
Occupying the luxury end of the market, Tyrrells produces a range of crisp alternatives and is set to extend its product line in May this year with the launch of Habas Fritas, lightly spiced
cooked broad beans, and Chilli Rice Puffs.
Founder of the snack company, Will Chase said: “Although our potato chips and mixed root vegetable chips lie at the heart of our success, we are excited about introducing more natural premium
snack offerings to our growing customer base.”
According to market analyst group Leatherhead International, the US, UK and Germany have established markets for rice snacks and sales in these regions totalled $264m (€210.5m) last year.


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