ESF kicks off New Year with Professor Marja Makarow as new CEO

The new year marks a new era for the European Science Foundation with Professor Marja Makarow beginning her duty as the organisation’s new chief executive; making her the first woman to take
the top post in the science organisation’s 34-year history.

Over the past decade, Makarow, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and former Vice-Rector for Research of the University of Helsinki, has been in positions of trust serving a number
of national and intergovernmental research funding and research performing organisations in Europe. In Finland she is a member of the National Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy
reporting to the Ministries and Parliament. «I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to be able to concentrate completely on the promotion of research and its impact for society,»
said Makarow.

Professor Makarow is joining the ESF at a time when the European science community is at a crossroad with a consensus recognising that Europe has clear weaknesses in common platforms and
pan-European collaboration when it comes to scientific activities due to the fragmented nature of the continent.

«ESF is more relevant than ever, having an essential role in complementing the national research funding and research performing organisations and academies, and the framework programmes
of the EU, « commented Professor Makarow. «These organisations, together with the scientific community, indeed are able to affect the European science agenda. They must aim at
capitalising the benefits for society and mankind that research generates in the form of new knowledge, technologies and interpretations.»

As for Professor Makarow herself, she intends to work closely with the Member Organisations, policy makers and the ESF staff to transform the fragmented nature of European science.
«Speaking for all scientific disciplines, ESF is in a unique position to take centre stage in influencing the science policy agenda in Europe.«

«I get inspired by the tasks that I undertake, and drive them forward in a goal-oriented, pragmatic way,» said Professor Makarow. «I would like to see the ESF staff and other
stakeholders as colleagues who are catalysed to accomplish goals in the same spirit.»

Professor Makarow succeeded Dr. John Marks for the top-post. Marks has resumed his previous post with the ESF as the Director of Science and Strategy and also taken on the responsibilities as
the Deputy Chief Executive. Marks became the Chief Executive after Professor Bertil Andersson left the ESF for Singapore to become the Rector of Nanyang Technological University in April 2007.

The European Science Foundation, which is based in Strasbourg, France, is an association of 78 member organisations from 30 European countries. Since its inception in 1974, it has co-ordinated
a wide range of pan-European scientific initiatives.

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