DuPont CEO sees sustainability as major growth opportunity for China

BEIJING — China has a major opportunity to innovate, influence and grow in pursuit of sustainability, DuPont Chairman and CEO Charles O Holliday, Jr said today at the ninth annual
China Development Forum here.

«In 2020, sustainability will be a fact of life for all industries, all governments, and all societies around the world,» said Holliday, who is serving as the Forum’s co-chair.
«Technology will continue to shape our lives and livelihoods in ways that are both expected and unexpected. Because of the sheer size and influence of the Chinese economy, China is in a
unique position to influence how these technologies will evolve and take shape.»

The country is well-positioned to innovate and adapt in a sustainable way, due largely to the speed at which it is growing and the dynamic character of its economic development, Holliday said.
«What will sustainability look like in China in 2020? That is China’s decision, but however China decides, the results will be felt globally.»

In 2020, the world will look to China not just as an engine for global economic growth, but as a tested leader on the world stage due to its leadership in many fields, including technology,
Holliday added. Global companies such as DuPont are ready to cooperate with China in the creation of sustainable offerings that will benefit China’s economic and societal growth as well as the
world community.

«We have a shared goal — to grow with China in a sustainable manner,» Holliday said.

DuPont’s presence in China is significant, diversified and growing rapidly. Today, the company has 38 entities in China including 19 wholly owned enterprises. Employing about 6,000 people in
China, the company has been growing in the country at an average annual rate of 17 percent for the last five years. Total DuPont investment in China, to date, exceeds $700 million and is
expected to reach $1.2 billion in 2010.

The China Development Forum, sponsored by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, is attended by scholars, government officials and business people with an interest in the
Chinese economy. The theme of this year’s gathering is «China Toward 2020: Development Goals and Policy Options.«

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