British School children dig deep to help the hungry

Gloucester – Schoolchildren in the British county of Gloucestershire have raised more than US$10,000 to support the World Food Programme’s efforts to provide meals to children
in schools in developing countries, through a local initiative called «Buy One – Give One Free».

The fundraising drive, which took place on World Food Day (16 October) last year, was driven mainly by pupils themselves, who used their school councils as a forum to encourage fellow students
to donate enough money to buy a child a meal in a developing country.

Second year
This is the second year that the educational authorities in Gloucestershire have supported the initiative and plans are being discussed to expand it to more schools across England in
Greg Barrow, WFP’s Senior Public Affairs Officer in London was invited to Gloucester to collect cheques for the money raised, and to thank the school children for their efforts on behalf of the
world’s hungry children.
«This is a fantastic venture, that really focuses children’s minds on the reality of hunger and how small donations coming from lots of schools can make a real difference to the work of
WFP,» he said.

Committed to hunger fight
«It’s really humbling to hear the stories from the children here in Gloucestershire about how they devised different ways of raising funds, and I think this shows how committed they are
to doing something about hunger.»
A small portion of the money raised in Gloucestershire was collected from children as they paid for their school meals, but in many cases, those leading the fundraising drive took a creative
approach to collecting cash.

Wet sponge throwing
Two boys from Sheepscombe Primary School raised money by playing guitars in their playground during lunch breaks, while at Sir William Romney’s Secondary School, money was collected from pupils
who wanted to throw wet sponges at their teachers.
Many schoolteachers in Gloucestershire also took the opportunity of the fundraising drive to hold lessons looking at global hunger and the work that is being done by WFP to address it.

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