B,C,D,E: a poker of vitamins to boost the aging brain

B,C,D,E: a poker of vitamins to boost the aging brain

B Vitamins. C Vitamins. D Vitamins. E vitamins. These nourishings could protect the aging brain, helping it mantain good form.

To say so a research of Oregon Health & Science University, (Portland, USA), led by dr Bowman and published in “Neurology”.

The scientist work with 104 men and women, on average 87 years old, testing blood pressure, age and body mass. Then, dr. Bowman and his team do blood test for levels of vitamins. They noted the

elders with higher levels have better brain health, with better cognitive function and bigger brain volume.

Differently, high levels of high trans fat were associated with less favorable cognitive function and less total cerebral brain volume.

SOURCE: G.L. Bowman, L.C. Silbert, D. Howieson, H.H. Dodge, M.G. Traber, B. Frei, J.A. Kaye, J. Shannon, and J.F. Quinn, “Nutrient biomarker patterns,
cognitive function, and MRI measures of brain aging”, Neurology WNL.0b013e3182436598; published ahead of print December 28, 2011


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