Barry Callebaut offers largest selection of origin chocolates

Wieze, Belgium (December 17, 2007) – Barry Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa and chocolate has extended its range of origin chocolates, capturing the
unique flavor of cocoa beans grown in specific countries or regions, the taste profile of superior-tasting chocolate is defined by the origin of the cocoa beans.

Soil, climate and habitat leave their signature on the flavor of cocoa. Origin chocolates offer a unique sensory experience with expressive flavours and fruity, herbal, spicy or floral notes,
reflecting the unique conditions in which the cocoa is grown. Barry Callebaut’s presence in origin countries enables it to offer the largest selection of origin chocolates on the market.

«Thanks to our local presence in different origin countries and long-established relationships with cocoa farmers, we have access to some of the world’s finest and rarest cocoa bean
varieties. We can therefore offer more than 40 different taste profiles – the largest selection of origin chocolates of any chocolate maker,» explains Hans Vriens, Chief Innovation
Officer at Barry Callebaut. «These origin cocoa beans represent but a tiny fraction of the total world harvest but are prized for the unique qualities they impart on the finished product,
a guarantee for authentic taste experiences.»

Origin Chocolates: «Country Origin» – These chocolates – also known as Single Origin Chocolates – are made from the finest flavor cocoa beans harvested in one specific
country. The uniqueness of the soil, the climate and the habitat leave their signature on the cocoa beans grown there. Barry Callebaut has extended its portfolio to 20 single origin chocolates.

Origin Chocolates: «Regional Origin» – Some large regions such as the Amazonian basin or the Pacific region produce a number of different cocoa bean varieties. Barry
Callebaut has made a selection of the rarest varieties within one region. Complementary varieties with matching taste profiles are expertly blended. The end result is an origin chocolate with
an expressive, aromatic character and a nonetheless balanced, harmonious taste profile.

Origin Chocolates: «Limited Edition» – Every once in a while, extraordinary conditions result in cocoa beans of similarly rare and extraordinary quality. Such beans, often
only available in very limited supply and for short periods of time, are selected for Barry Callebaut’s limited edition origin chocolates. Think of the «grand cru» of chocolate made
with cocoa beans from a single plantation; origin chocolate with fair trade or organic certification, or a very exclusive couverture made with a limited harvest of extremely rare cocoa such as
Porcelana cocoa beans. Though the possibilities are endless, each is destined to be a once-in-a-lifetime taste experience.

Barry Callebaut sources its origin cocoa beans from all over the globe, including regions within Central and South America, Africa and South-East Asia.

Barry Callebaut’s origin chocolate range at a glance:
Country origins: Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Ghana, Togo, Sao Tomé, Congo, Tanzania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Papua New
Guinea, Java, ?
Regional origins: Caribbean, Amazonia, Savanna, Oceania, ?
Limited Editions: Ghana (Fairtrade), Costa Rica (Vintage 2006), Bahia (Organic), Grenade(Vintage 2006), Peru (Organic Fairtrade), Dominican Republic (Rainforest Alliance), Vietnam (Vintage

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