A compact tablet which melts gently in the mouth and acts quickly

By Redazione

Many tablets are too large, too bulky or too dry: they are still difficult to swallow and require plenty of water. Ludiflash©, BASF’s new pharmaceutical excipient, makes taking even very
large tablets much easier. This is because Ludiflash ensures that tablets disintegrate in the mouth immediately, even without water, thus allowing patients – not only children and elderly
people – to take tablets more easily and discreetly.”Our idea was to produce a tablet which would melt in the mouth giving a soft, creamy feel, almost like soft ice cream,” explains Dr. Ralf
Widmaier of BASF, who is responsible for marketing Ludiflash worldwide. “At the same time, the new pharmaceutical excipient ensures that the active ingredients are released quickly, providing a
fast result for patients.”

However, it is not only patients who see the benefits of Ludiflash. Pharmaceutical manufacturers also benefit from the new excipient, by saving them time and money. Tablets containing Ludiflash
can be compressed directly on their existing standard tableting machines.

Ludiflash’s individual ingredients and special formulation ensure that the tablets are mechanically stable. They are also very compact and friability is minimal. As the tablets are not brittle,
they are easy to transport and package.

Even the compression speed during production does not affect the hardness of tablets containing Ludiflash. Manufacturers gain the benefits of high-speed, low-cost production on standard
tableting machines. The tablets can be filled in standard commercial blister packs or PE containers. “This allows more products of a consistent quality to be manufactured in very short time,”
says Dr. Ralf Widmaier. He continued: “With Ludiflash we are actually making an important contribution to the success of our customers’ businesses in the long term.”

All of Ludiflash’s ingredients are covered by monographs in the leading pharmacopoeia. Also, no licensing agreement is required to use the new pharmaceutical excipient. This allows
manufacturers to retain the freedom to run their businesses as they wish, keeping full control over the formulation and manufacturing process.

BASF produces and markets a broad range of active ingredients and excipients, as well as exclusive synthesis services for the pharmaceutical industry. These products are made using the latest
technologies, to the highest quality standards and in compliance with cGMP guidelines.

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