Ethics and New Technologies on ethical aspects of animal cloning for the food supply

By Redazione

EFSA recognises that the issue of animal cloning raises ethical, moral and other societal issues beyond its remit, EFSA therefore welcomes the publication of the opinion of the European Group
on Ethics and New Technologies (EGE) on the ethical aspects of animal cloning for the food supply. The opinion of the EGE complements the on-going scientific work of EFSA on this issue.

At this stage, EFSA has not finalised its scientific opinion on the implications of animal cloning on food safety, animal health and welfare and the environment. The draft opinion has been
published for consultation. Comments can be submitted until 25 February 2008. Contributions to the consultation can be made via the EFSA website, where the draft opinion is also

EFSA’s final opinion is likely to be published in May 2008. The opinions of both the EGE and EFSA will then help inform consideration by the European Commission and European Union (EU) Member
States on any future EU measures in relation to cloned animals and products obtained from these animals.

For more information:
» Public consultation on the draft scientific
opinion on animal cloning
» Press release on the launch of the public consultation
» European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies

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