EFSA creates two new panels to boost its scientific work

Scientists of two newly created Panels at EFSA gathered in Parma for their inaugural meetings. The Panel on food additives and nutrient sources added to food (ANS) and the Panel on food contact
materials, enzymes, flavourings and processing aids (CEF) will replace the AFC Panel which held its final meeting on 8-9 July 2008. These two new panels will carry out work previously allocated
to the AFC Panel.

The AFC Panel, chaired by Dr Susan Barlow, brought together highly qualified scientific experts from a number of European countries with expertise in a range of relevant fields.

The AFC Panel, which was established since EFSA was created, made a significant contribution to European Union risk assessment on substances found in foods, tackling such crucial issues as the
safety of flavourings and food additives including colours.

Members of the two new Panels elected their respective Chairs. Dr. John Christian Larsen was elected Chair of the ANS Panel and Professor Dr. Klaus-Dieter Jany Chair of the CEF Panel. Each
panel consists of 21 members, all drawn from relevant fields, including toxicology, risk assessment, food consumption, exposure assessment, food technology, chemistry and microbiology.

“With the two new Panels, EFSA can fulfill the mid- and long-term needs in the area of food additives, nutrient sources added to food, food contact materials, enzymes, flavourings and
processing aids and respond to a high volume of requests for scientific advice within tight deadlines,” said EFSA’s Director of Risk Assessment Dr. Riitta Maijala. “This is particularly
important in an area which is bound to receive an increased number of applications with the future adoption of EU legislation in the fields of food improvement agents and food packaging

The decision to create two new panels was approved by EFSA’s Management Board in September 2007. A formal proposal to modify EFSA’s Founding Regulation was adopted by the European Commission’s
Standing Committee on the food chain and animal health in December 2007. Subsequently, EFSA launched an open call for experts to recruit scientists for the two new Panels. The Management Board
appointed the nominated scientists in April 2008.

By creating two new Panels EFSA can now rely on the work of ten Scientific Panels which, together with the Scientific Committee carry out risk assessment in their respective fields.

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