Beverage tasting institute credits Kai Lychee with a gold medal

By Redazione

LOS ANGELES — Good taste can be hard to find,» but according to the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI), the search ends with» a bottle of Kai Lychee Vodka, at BTI’s 2007
Chicago Tasting Event, the» International Review of Spirits awarded Kai Lychee Vodka with a Gold Medal» at 92 points (exceptional), while Kai Original Vodka also came highly»
recommended by the institute.

As an additional encore, Kai Lychee was just chosen by Beverage» Industry News Magazine (BIN) as one of their Top Twelve Picks for 2008.» Still in its introductory year, Kai is
clearly making a big splash as the» world’s first ultra-premium rice vodka.

Such rave reviews from BTI and BIN signal Kai’s successful penetration» into the highly competitive and crowded market of high-end, luxury vodkas.

«Lately, there’s been an incredible influx of new brands in the U.S.» market, translating into a necessary emphasis on quality,» says Marcus» Bender, founder of Kai
Vodka. «Both connoisseurs and consumers demand» [quality], and it is on that very aspect that we are passionate to» deliver.»

And deliver they did. As a leading source for beverage industry» reviews, BTI employs a sophisticated scoring system that, based on quality» and taste, classified a total of 108
vodkas into one out of four» categories. Kai’s high rankings beat rival competitors in style,» distinction and quality.

«Our vodka is dramatically different than those made from wheat,» potatoes or grapes,» says Bender, partly crediting Kai’s superiority to its» main ingredient, a rare
Yellow Blossom Rice grown exclusively along» Vietnam’s Red River Delta.

An age old fermentation process prior to distillation, also greatly» contributes to the naturally sweet, smooth-taste of the vodka. The end» result is a delicate and exotic bouquet,
with hints of spice, vanilla, and» tropical aromas, giving Kai a taste as unique as the rice itself.

Kai’s Lychee Flavored Vodka exhibits an inimitably sweet, rich flavor,» with hints of rose and orange blossom. Smooth, complex and intimately» perfumed with notes of sweet spice,
rose and honey, the lychee flavored» vodka is being described as the «Original Lychee Martini.»

«We are extremely detail-oriented in producing an exceptional product» … we sweat the small stuff,» says Bender. «It’s flattering to receive» recognition from an
industry that, on a good day, is ultra-competitive.»

The industry may be quite competitive, but it undoubtedly has good» taste.


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