Animal cloning: EFSA consults stakeholders on its draft Opinion

By Redazione

On 7 February 2008 EFSA held a technical meeting in Brussels with its Stakeholder Consultative Platform on its draft Opinion on animal cloning. The meeting gave an opportunity for experts to
brief stakeholders face-to-face on the draft Opinion and to have an exchange of views and feedback, as part of EFSA’s ongoing public consultation on the draft Opinion. The consultation is open
until 25 February 2008. A report of the meeting will be published next week, while the agenda, participants list and presentations made at the meeting are already available.

EFSA’s Stakeholder Consultative Platform, composed of EU-wide stakeholder organisations working in areas related to the food chain, meets to assist EFSA in the development of its overall
relations and policy with stakeholders.

For more information:
Technical meeting with EFSA’s Stakeholder Consultative Platform on its draft Opinion

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