UK Research Office annual conference, Loughborough, UK

The UK Research Office (UKRO) annual conference will be held on 26 and 27 June at Loughborough.

The conference will include sessions on the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), as well as on a number of other areas.

Following the launch of FP7 in 2007, the focus will be on implementation issues, focussing on the first year of calls and lessons learned, as well as looking ahead to future calls. Sessions are
planned on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Science in Society (SiS), Research Infrastructures, the Marie Curie Actions and researcher mobility, and the European Research
Council (ERC).

Another important area that will be covered in depth at this year’s conference is the funding opportunities available through the new Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs). These include the
Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), Aeronautics and Air Transport (Clean Sky), Embedded Computer Systems (ARTEMIS), and Nanoelectronic Technologies 2020 (ENIAC).

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