«Transforming risk into a performance driver for trucking companies»

Paris, November 28, 2007 -Atos Origin, one of the world’s leading international IT services companies, has capitalized on its in-depth analyses of the trucking industry to publish a
major study with support from the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development. The book identifies deployment of IT solutions by small and medium-size trucking companies as a means
to help them address their business, financial and environmental challenges.

As part of the French government’s Predit 3* program, Atos Origin was selected to conduct research on the safety, security and traceability of overland freight transportation, working in
conjunction with insurance company Groupama Transport. Given the clear benefits for the trucking industry of the study’s insights and real-world solutions, the French Ministry of Ecology and
Sustainable Development decided to fund its publication by Economica.

“The Ministry was very impressed with Atos Origin’s innovative, educational approach to the issue of IT deployment by small trucking companies,” explains Michel Julien, freight transport
project manager with the Ministry’s DRAST** research bureau. “The company presented IT as a solution not only to managing risks, but also to transforming risk management into a competitive

Publication of the joint study amply illustrates the ability of Atos Origin technology consulting teams in France to:

Understand, identify and explain in lay terms the issues faced by an entire industry.
Clearly describe how a company or business operates by creating a dynamic overview of its processes through real-life examples.
Develop innovative analysis methods by applying a practical, business-oriented approach to performance and by describing the immediate operational impact of ICT deployment.
“We’re extremely proud to see our technology consulting expertise recognized through the publication of this study,” says Thierry Pollier, Director of the Industry and Services Division at Atos
Origin. “It has enabled the team headed by Atos Origin Senior Manager Jean-François Perrillat to showcase our expertise in transportation and logistics, along with our intimate grasp of
the most efficient ways to apply information and communications technologies, especially in the fast-expanding area of RFID radio frequency identification.”

The ability to capture, process and report information has become critical to the sustainable competitiveness of trucking companies. Freight trucking is an increasingly complex and
time-sensitive process, where the risk of disruption is ever-present. This makes automated processing and electronic data interchange absolutely indispensable to keep the supply chain up and
running, both seamlessly and securely.

Smaller trucking companies face a number of persistent, growing threats, such as the steep rise in theft, ever-tighter traceability regulations, aggressive competition, customer pressure to
deliver higher quality and congested roads. As the most vulnerable link in the supply chain, they can no longer afford to view ICTs as a necessary evil.

For a freight trucking company, deploying these technologies to ensure the safety, security and traceability of goods is a way not only of managing these risks, but more importantly, of
creating a competitive advantage by enhancing their ability to deliver consistent performance and quality of service.

*Predit is a French government research and testing program designed to drive innovation in the trucking industry. It was initiated and is being led by the French ministries that oversee
research, transportation, the environment and industry, in conjunction with the ADEME environment and energy management agency and the OSEO innovation agency. National research agency ANR is
also contributing funding for the program. By encouraging cooperation between the public and private sectors, the program aims to facilitate the emergence of more cost-effective, socially
responsible transportation systems that are safer, more energy efficient and, ultimately, more respectful of people and the environment.

**DRAST is the research, scientific and technical affairs bureau of the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development.

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