Renewed financial effort in fight on hunger

Rome – Delegates to the Rome Food Security Summit announced their increased commitment to the fight against hunger and for agricultural development.

The money will benefit countries hard hit by the current world food crisis, allowing them to grow enough food for themselves in the coming planting seasons, and helping them to achieve
continuing food security through investment in agriculture and research.

Financing announced during the Summit, attended by 181 nations and more than 40 Heads of State and Government, included (US$)*:

African Development Bank: 1 billion dollars
France: 1.5 billion dollars (over five years)
Japan: 150 million dollars
Islamic Development Bank: 1.5 billion dollars (over 5 years)
Kuwait: 100 million dollars
Netherlands: 75 million dollars
New Zealand: 7.5 million dollars
Spain: 773 million dollars (over 4 years)
United Kingdom: 590 million dollars
Venezuela: 100 million dollars
UN CERF 100 million dollars
World Bank: 1.2 billion dollars

On the Summit’s opening day, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero announced that Spain is willing to host a follow-up Conference to the Rome Summit this

* According to provisional information currently available to FAO. A number of countries have indicated they had increased or intended to raise the level of their financing without giving

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