Irish biotechnology and ICT research awarded EUR 87 million

In its largest funding effort under the Centres for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) and new Strategic Research Clusters (SRC) programmes, the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) has
awarded ?87 million to a number of industry-academic research projects.

The projects involve 11 academic institutions and 48 companies – both indigenous and multinational – and will address questions of biotechnology and information and communication technology
(ICT). One CSET project dedicated to next-generation localisation will receive support, as will 12 SRCs attempting to establish, for instance, an immunology research centre, a network of
excellence for functional biomaterials and an Irish drug delivery research network.

‘SFI has established some of the most significant and innovative awards offered anywhere in the world for research that brings together academic and industrial partners,’ said the Irish
Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin. ‘Measures such as the SFI CSETs and SRCs provide the mechanisms for new innovative research and entrepreneurial leadership
and real opportunities for reshaping Ireland’s economy through science. These collaborations therefore are central to the Government’s long-term economic strategy in building Ireland’s new
knowledge-driven economy.’

‘Today’s research award recipients and the teams they have assembled are of world-class calibre,’ Professor Frank Gannon, Director General of the SFI, added. ‘I believe that the initiatives to
be undertaken by SFI over the coming seven years will provide a cornerstone for Ireland’s future economic development, with CSETs and SRCs playing a key role.’

The research funding is part of Ireland’s Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation 2006 to 2013, under which the Irish government plans to invest ?2.7 billion in research before the end
of 2008 in order to strengthen science and innovation in the country.

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