FSA: Agency issues quick guide to fish labelling

The Food Standards Agency has issued a quick guide for the fish industry, to help businesses comply with the law that requires specific information to be provided to consumers when certain fish
are sold at retail.

Labels on fish sold at retail have to include the commercial name of the fish, and information on whether the fish was caught at sea, in inland waters or was farmed, and the area in which it
was caught.

All of this information, together with the scientific name of the fish species, must also be available along the marketing chain when the product changes hands between businesses.

The rules do not apply to processed fish products (for example canned fish), ready to eat fish or fish products sold by caterers.

The Agency has issued the guidance, in the form of an A4-size free poster, to organisations representing the fish sector. Copies of the poster, and a downloadable fish names excel spreadsheet,
are available at the links below.

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Table of commercial designations for specific fish species derived from Fish Labelling (Amendment) (England)
Regs 2006

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