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FP7 call: Marie Curie programme

By Redazione

The European Commission has issued a call for proposals under the ‘People’ programme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The call refers to the Marie Curie Action ‘Co-funding of Regional,
National and International Programmes’ (COFUND).

The action targets programmes that support the trans-national mobility of experienced researchers at different stages of their careers by broadening or deepening their individual competence, in
particular in terms of: acquisition of multi- or interdisciplinary skills or having intersectoral experiences; supporting researchers in attaining and/or strengthening a leading independent
position, e.g. principal investigator; (re)integrating researchers into a research career in Member States and Associated countries, including in their country of origin, after a mobility

A more detailed explanation of this action will be available in the forthcoming 2008 Work Programme, which should be adopted soon.

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