EU real agricultural income per worker up by 5.4%

EU27 real agricultural income per worker rose by 5.4% in 2007, after increasing by 3.3% in 2006. This increase was the result of a growth in real agricultural income ( 3.1%) and a reduction in
agricultural labour input (-2.2%).

This growth in EU27 real agricultural income in 2007 was itself the result of:
– an increase in output of agriculture at basic prices in real terms ( 4.3%);
– a rise in input costs ( 5.8%) and a slight decrease in depreciation (-0.3%), in real terms;
– a decrease in the real value of subsidies net of taxes (-2.8%).

These estimates for the EU27 published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, are based on data supplied by the national authorities in the Member States.
In 2007, agricultural income tended to develop differently in the north and south of the EU27. The largest increases in real agricultural income per worker were observed in Lithuania ( 39.3%),
Estonia ( 22.5%), the Czech Republic ( 20.9%) and Sweden ( 16.5%), and the largest decreases in Romania (-16.7%), Bulgaria (-8.5%) and Portugal (-5.0%).

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