Cremonesi Elino srl: the best italian cheese and Crudo di parma at Bellavita EXPO 2014 London

By Giuseppe

James Cremonesi: interview by

marchi di Cremonesi Elino


Gorgonzola DOP Dolce “Cremonesi”
The characteristics giving a great success to this product are the clear paste, covered with delicate erborinature, the exceptional creaminess and delicate flavor and most importantly, the ability to maintain these features over time, the real strength of the “Cremonesi “selection Appearance: Cylindrical shape. Consistency: homogeneous, white or pale yellow, mottled with mold (marbling). Taste: Sweet. Smell: Pleasant and appetizing. Average Weight: 12-13 kg. Available in : 200g, 1/8FF, 1/4ff, 1/2ff, or entire shapes.  COW MILK

Grana Padano Dop grattuggiato 100g

The Grana Padano “grated” cheese is made exclusively from whole Grana Padano already certified. The humidity is not less than 25% and not exceeding 35%. Appearance: not crumbly, homogeneous, particles with diameter less than 0.5 mm not exceeding 25%. Taste: Sweet. Odour: Pleasant and appetizing. Average Weight: 2,4 kg. (24pz x 100g) Available as: 100gr – COW MILK

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The firm is an historical operator of the wholesale dairy and food distribution, located in the north of Italy. Its business proposal deals with a wide range products: fresh dairy food and fresh, packaged food, cured meats of all kinds and of any area of Italian production. The company is in the dairy industry since over 45 years, and addresses to a clientele of retailers, supermarkets, public exercises and restaurateurs, hoteliers but also wholesalers, canteens, and more generally professional users. Its business is based on building a close relationship of trust with the customer. Its philosophy is to have a special care in choosing the products that are sold, in order to offer the consumer the best product at the right price and with maximum freshness.



Cremonesi Elino & C snc
Via Crocicchio, 22c
26013 Crema (CR)


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