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CIAA environment report contribution to constructive debate on environmental sustainability

By Redazione

Environmental sustainability is a matter of collective responsibility and also good business for individual companies, CIAA -which represents Europe’s 280,000 food and drink manufacturers –
says in its comprehensive new publication entitled ‘Managing Environmental Sustainability in the European Food and Drink Industries’.

As the sector that buys and transforms about 70% of the European Union’s agricultural output, food and drink manufacturers are making significant and continuous improvement in ensuring a
sustainable supply of safe food for Europe’s 480 million consumers as well as customers around the world.

The report represents CIAA’s contribution to a constructive debate on environmental sustainability and an antidote to sometimes short-sighted initiatives targeting just one stage in the supply
chain without weighing potential side effects. In order to be effective, cooperative action on environmental sustainability in the food chain must involve all key players according to their
environmental impact, including farmers and manufacturers, the transport sector, retailers, consumers and others . Each has a crucial role to play, individually, and also as a team player.

“We invite all stakeholders inside and outside the food chain to a constructive debate on collective responsibility,” said CIAA President Jean Martin. “Our report highlights the value that food
and drink manufacturers can bring to the table.”

The 64-page publication highlights issues, industry actions and future strategies in the areas of raw materials, resource efficiency, waste, energy, water, packaging, transportation and
distribution efficiency, among other topics.

The report is also intended to provide inspiration for continuous improvement by the small- and medium-sized enterprises that make up the vast majority of Europe’s food and drink manufacturers
by demonstrating through case studies how protection of the environment makes sense for both good corporate citizens and good business.

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