Atos Origin to Provide Technical Services For New Prepaid Card from French Bank LCL

Paris/Cartes 2007 Exhibition, 13 November 2007 -Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin Company, has won a contract from LCL to design, deploy and operate a platform for the end-to-end management
of the French bank’s new “Indépendance” reloadable prepaid debit card targeting the 12-18 youth market.

Ubiquitous acceptance for a prepaid card – Based on a technical solution developed by Atos Worldline, the new reloadable prepaid card introduced by LCL can be used at local merchants,
for online purchases or for cash withdrawals from ATMs in France and other countries. The prepaid card management platform is designed to guarantee availability, performance and security in
line with LCL’s exacting standards.

“This groundbreaking project was completed on-time,” said Valérie Siraudin, MOAP epayment and acquiring at LCL. “We selected Atos Worldline as our technical partner on the strength of
their recognized experience in managing online customer contact applications, coupled with their ability to efficiently process payment transactions.”

High security plus control over spending – The new prepaid cards can be reloaded with up to ?300 by the cardholder’s parent or guardian via a Web interface, by intermittent or regular
debits, or using a bankcard on the Internet. To prevent over-spending and guarantee a high degree of security, card use systematically triggers a request for authorization. What’s more, the
cards are fitted with a smart chip and protected by PINs. Three different codes are generated when the cards are issued: a multimedia code for reloading by the parent or guardian, a multimedia
code that allows cardholders to check their account, and a PIN for merchant payments and ATM withdrawals.

A reliable, practical solution – To offer a solution that combines reliability, ease of use and security, Atos Worldline leveraged its prepaid card management platform and its
multichannel customer interface applications. The Atos Worldline technical services cover the entire cycle, from bank card ordering (choice of packaging and visual) to the transaction
monitoring interface for cardholders, as well as the reload interface used by the teenager’s parent or guardian.

“We’re delighted that LCL chose us to partner them for development of this new bank card solution for the youth market,” said Pascal Dehaussy, Vice President Banking, Finance and Insurance at
Atos Worldline. “We packaged and delivered all the benefits of our experience and recognized expertise in processing payment transaction flows and in managing voice and Web-based customer
relationship interfaces. By tapping into our pool of existing solutions, we were able to meet the short deadlines set by LCL.”

Atos Worldline participates at this year’s international Cartes 2007 event, the World N°1 Exhibition for smart cards and identification, which will take place from 13 to 15 November 2007,
at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.

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