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Atos Origin 2007 third quarter revenue announcement

By Redazione

Paris, 15 November 2007 -Atos Origin, today announces revenue for the three months ended 30 September 2007.

● Strong Q3 2007 revenue organic growth: 6.6%
● Full-year 2007 revenue organic growth guidance confirmed at 4.0%
● Order entries growth by 9.0% YTD September 2007
● 3O3 Transformation plan on track: first tangible effects in offshoring and purchasing

Commenting on the 2007 third quarter revenue, Philippe Germond Chairman of the Board and CEO of Atos Origin said: ” The third quarter 2007 performance is an important step for Atos Origin.
Indeed, with a 6.6% revenue organic growth for the third quarter we have reached, for the year-to-date, an organic growth in line with the 4.0% organic growth target set for the full year
2007. Our clients’ renewed trust and the excellent mobilization of our staff worldwide are strong and positive signals for the future of the Group. Moreover, the 3O3 Transformation Plan is on
track, starting to bear fruits and creating value. We are fully confident in our ability to reach the objectives of revenue organic growth at 4.0%, and operating margin we set for 2007 “.

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