Virage wins new innovation award

Virage, a company specialising in multimedia and security, has scooped LogicaCMG’s inaugural Partners in Innovation award. Virage won the award for its Rich Media Management and Security and
Surveillance software suite.

Thanks to the award, these solutions will now be fast-tracked to some of LogicaCMG’s key customers, thereby providing Virage with new business opportunities and ensuring that LogicaCMG’s
clients benefit from the best new technology solutions.

‘Often innovation is developed for innovation’s sake, particularly in the world of IT,’ said Kevin Duffey, LogicaCMG’s UK Sales and Marketing Director. ‘Real innovation only works if it is
brought to market in the right way and delivers actual business benefit to an organisation or user. Our focus on applied innovation puts us in the best position to work alongside companies,
like Virage, to make sure that their ideas become a commercial reality, and indeed success.’

Virage’s Rich Media Management software products can be applied to a range of television, video, audio and closed circuit television (CCTV) challenges, such as making television content fully
searchable and managing complex security systems.

Meanwhile the company’s security and surveillance software allows users to monitor and analyse vast quantities of intelligence from a range of content sources. For example, the intelligent
behavioural analysis feature can be used to identify suspect packages or activity.

‘We are delighted that LogicaCMG’s Partners in Innovation programme has acknowledged Virage for its leading rich media and security and surveillance solutions,’ said David Humphrey, Managing
Director of Virage Security and Surveillance. ‘We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with LogicaCMG, as we work closer together in the future.’

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