Tourism is a priority for China

Tourism is a priority for China

Turin – Absolute new feature at TTG Incontri 2010 – main international b2b tourism fair scheduled for October 22- 24 in Rimini -, which will host this year an official delegation from
China, for the inauguration of the Chinese culture year in Italy. 15 delegates representing as many provinces, will be participating in TTG – an increasingly important event in the international
trade fair scenery – to draw up trade agreements and strategic relationships with the Italian market.

China will also be a protagonist of TTG Forum: a research carried out by Global Blue – company specialised in TAX FREE SHOPPING transactions – specifically for TTG Incontri, highlights that
Chinese travellers for the first time conquer the podium as regards the growth rate of their shopping while on holiday in Italy.

A particularly interesting datum, which, although based on a relatively modest body of users, emphasises a stronger and stronger interest in Italy from the commercial and tourism standpoint.
The results of the whole research will be presented during the meeting ‘Italy. The word itself is enough… or not anymore?’ scheduled for October 22.

With a 90% increase only in the January – August period compared to the same period of 2009, tourists coming from China have thus outnumbered those from Russia, increased this year by 32
percentage points.

Such figure further confirms that long range tourism has become a true status symbol for Chinese travellers, always looking for destinations which let them satisfy the increasing need for
luxury goods to take home as souvenirs.

Furthermore, shopping is one of the most appealing elements of ‘destination Italy’, as witnessed by the TTG Buyer Observatory for 2010, according to which 59% of foreign travellers choose
Italy for its shopping opportunities, particularly as regards the major fashion brands.

The interviews processed for the TTG Buyer Observatory, which will also be presented during the forum, will draw the picture of the strong and weak points of Brand Italy and of the resulting
possible expressions of a ‘Made in Italy’ tourism with a stronger and better characterised image.


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