Study on privacy and trust in the ubiquitous information society

The European Commission’s Information Society and Media DG has published a call for tenders for a study on privacy and trust in the ubiquitous information society.

Effective protection of personal data and privacy is a necessary precondition for users’ trust and confidence when using the possibilities and tools of the information society. In order to
trust the complex system enabling web transactions enough to use it, the user must have confidence that all parties involved comply with a set of reasonable rules, not only relating to data
protection and privacy, but to an acceptable business practice in a more general sense.

The concept of the ‘Ubiquitous information society’ builds on the convergence of communication, media and information technology and their integration into everyday life and business. The
overall objectives of the study are the following:
– create an overview and analysis of existing research and publications on possible effects of more ambient information and communication technology (ICT) use on privacy and trust,
– identify challenges for privacy and data protection and for trust and confidence,
– describe possible responses,
– determine options for a policy response at EU level,
– develop indicators to assess different policy options.

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