Stop Snoring? Try the mediterranean diet, scientists say

Stop Snoring? Try the mediterranean diet, scientists say

Mediterranean diet and regular physical activity : this is the way to fight snoring and sleep apnea.

This is the argument of a research of the University of Crete (Greece), led by Dr. Papandreou and published on “The European Respiratory Journal”.

The scientists have worked with 40 persons, all with obesity and sleep apnea, and divide them in two groups.

The first group (20 persons) follows mediteranean diet, the other a so-called prudent diet. Both groups pracite physical activity, walking 30 minutes a day.

Then, the researchers have monitored the person’s sleep quality. So, the researchers noted the first group (mediteranean diet and physical activity) have lowed the number of sleep apnea during
the REM phase (25% of the night sleep).

Additionally, the followers of the mediteranean diet practice physical activity better and longer and lower the level of the abdominal fat.

SOURCE: C. Papandreou, S.E. Schiza, I. Bouloukaki, C.M. Hatzis, A.G. Kafatos, N.M. Siafakas and N.E. Tzanakis, “Effect of mediterranean diet vs prudent diet combined with physical
activity on OSAS: a randomised trial”, Published online before print October 27, 2011, doi: 10.1183/ 09031936.00103411


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