Research Councils UK opens US office

Research Councils UK (RCUK) has expanded its international reach with the launch of a new office in Washington DC. The new office, which will be located in the British embassy in Washington DC,
will work to identify and facilitate collaborations between British and American researchers, with a view to producing research with a higher impact than either country could produce on its
own. It will work equally on behalf of all seven research councils which make up RCUK.

‘Greater collaboration between the world’s leading research nations is vital to produce innovative advances in science and research,’ said the UK’s Science and Innovation Minister, Ian Pearson.
‘With the opening of the RCUK’s new Washington office, the benefits of UK-US collaboration will not only be felt by the scientific community but by the public who will benefit from
collaborative science that seeks to solve the critical issues of the 21st century, such as climate change and ageing.’

‘While the UK is already at the cutting edge of research, stronger links with the US will not only help us promote the UK as a world centre for research and innovation but will give us greater
influence on the international research agenda,’ added Helen Thorne, Director of RCUK’s US office. ‘The US has the strongest and best resourced research system in the world and is a first
choice partner for many of the UK’s best researchers. The new office will promote the sharing of access to data, facilities and resources between the two nations.’

There are already strong research links between the UK and the US. Joint projects include work to monitor the Atlantic Ocean’s circulation, an international forum for stem cell research, a
study of Earth’s atmosphere from space, international development research, a space mission to provide 3D measurements of the sun and research on global immunisation.

The US office is RCUK’s third overseas base; it has had an office in Brussels for some time, and a Chinese office was opened at the beginning of November. A fourth office, located in India, is
planned for next year.

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