«People» call published: Initial Training Networks

The European Commission has published a call for proposals under the ‘People’ section of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

The call relates to the Marie Curie Initial Training Networks (ITNs), which are intended to improve the career perspectives of early-stage researchers in both the public and private sectors,
thereby making research careers more attractive to young people.

This will be achieved through a trans-national networking mechanism, aimed at structuring the existing high-quality initial research training capacity throughout Member States and Associated
countries in both the public and private sectors. It will be implemented by supporting competitively selected networks of organisations from different countries engaged in research training.

The networks will be built on a joint research training programme, responding to identified training needs in defined scientific or technological areas, with appropriate references to
interdisciplinary and newly emerging supra-disciplinary fields.

The action is primarily for researchers from Member States and Associated countries, but is also open to researchers from third countries.

The budget for the call is ?185,000,000.

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