NASA and India sign agreement for future cooperation

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla – At a ceremony Friday at the Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex, NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Indian Space Research Organization Chairman G.
Madhavan Nair signed a framework agreement establishing the terms for future cooperation between the two agencies in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes.

«I am honored to sign this agreement with the India Space Research Organization,» Griffin said. «This agreement will allow us to cooperate effectively on a wide range of
programs of mutual interest. India has extensive space-related experience, capabilities and infrastructure, and will continue to be a welcome partner in NASA’s future space exploration

According to the framework agreement, the two agencies will identify areas of mutual interest and seek to develop cooperative programs or projects in Earth and space science, exploration, human
space flight and other activities. The agreement replaces a soon-to- expire agreement signed on Dec. 16, 1997, which fostered bilateral cooperation in the areas of Earth and atmospheric

In addition to a long history of cooperation in Earth science, NASA and the Indian Space Research Organization also are cooperating on India’s first, mission to the moon, Chandrayaan-1, which
will be launched later this year. NASA is providing two of the 11 instruments on the spacecraft: the moon mineralogy mapper instrument and the miniature synthetic aperture radar instrument.

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