Luxembourg joins EMBL

Luxembourg has become the 20th country to join the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), after its membership was endorsed by the EMBL’s council and ratified by the Luxembourg

EMBL membership means that Luxembourg will now be able to benefit from the EMBL’s services and training programmes. Its scientists will also have access to the research facilities at the five
EMBL stations.

In return, Luxembourg will contribute to the EMBL’s activities, namely carrying out basic research, providing training and services, developing new instruments and methods and promoting
technology transfer activities.

‘EMBL is a key player in European molecular biology,’ said François Biltgen, Luxembourg’s Minister for Culture, Higher Education and Research. ‘Being part of its international network
will provide a boost for Luxembourg’s research in the growing field of molecular biology and will integrate its researchers even better into the European scientific community. In return
Luxembourg will contribute to EMBL’s various activities bringing in complementary strengths and technical expertise.’

Luxembourg has expertise in a range of life science-related fields, including genetics, molecular biology, bio-medicine, cancer research and the development of health technologies.

‘We are very pleased to welcome Luxembourg as our new member state, said EMBL Director General Iain Mattaj. ‘Luxembourg has substantially contributed to the progress of research in the life
sciences in the past years. Its overlapping research interests and its complementary expertise make it a very valuable addition to EMBL.’

Luxembourg will be represented on the EMBL’s council by Josiane Entringer of the Department for Research and Innovation of the Ministry for Culture, Higher Education and Research.

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