Keropur® taxi sponsorship in Nanjing

The “Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together” initiative in Nanjing will continue to run until October 27, 2007, as part of this initiative BASF is sponsoring 50 Nanjing taxis owned by
Zhongbei Taxi Company with its innovative and environmentally friendly Keropur© fuel additive.

Keropur protects the whole fuel intake system from deposits, ensuring an ideal fuel-air mixture for efficient combustion. This saves repair costs, and reduces fuel consumption and emissions,
thus protecting the environment.

Mr Stephen Ko, Director of Performance Chemicals, BASF Asia Pacific, presents bottled Keropur to one of the taxi drivers of Zhongbei Taxi. The event is a further example of BASF’s efforts to
increase awareness for environmental protection in the communities in which it operates.

The “Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together” initiative was announced on August 27, 2007 in Beijng by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. The
initiative enjoys the joint patronage of Federal President Horst Köhler and Chinese President Hu Jintao. More information can be found at and at BASF’s special website

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