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“Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together”

By Redazione

More than 50,000 people are estimated to have visited BASF’s pavilion on the Germany Esplanade in Nanjing since it opened on October 19, 2007. The pavilion is the most visible of BASF
activities as part of the “Germany and China – Moving Ahead Together” initiative and will visit a number of other large Chinese cities through 2010.

It features exhibits related to BASF’s energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for housing and the automotive industry, and also hosts a Kids’ Lab in which children aged between 6 and 12
years can discover the exciting world of chemistry through specially designed experiments.
Ambassador Dr. Wolfgang Röhr, head of the Taskforce Germany-China, summed up: “I particularly liked BASF’s pavilion because it actively
encouraged visitors of all ages to participate and discuss. The Kids’ Lab brought science closer to youngsters. Adults were able to try out the hands-on exhibits, and experts could discuss the
advantages of modern materials for construction and mobility with BASF employees from China and Germany.”

“I was very pleased to visit BASF’s pavilion,” said Wang Guisen, product designer, from Nanjing. “I found the design very good and the explanations of the exhibits very clear. I really got a
good impression of the friendliness and innovation of the German people.”

“We are thrilled by the positive response from visitors and have enjoyed having this opportunity to enter into a dialogue about the role our company and solutions from the chemical industry
play in modern life,” said Johnny Kwan, Chairman of BASF Greater China. “In spring 2008 we are looking forward to talking to the citizens of Guangzhou about how BASF can partner with China to
find innovative solutions for sustainable development.”

“BASF is a committed partner to Nanjing and Jiangsu province. I am convinced that our pavilion has helped to strengthen ties with local residents. I hope that more people can visit us on the
last day of the Germany Esplanade on October 27,” said Dr. Bernd Blumenberg, President of BASF-YPC Co. Ltd., BASF’s joint venture with Sinopec in Nanjing.

After Nanjing, the initiative will travel to Guangzhou in spring 2008 and to Chengdu in autumn.

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