German Government to fund appointment of 200 women professors

By Redazione

The German Government is to create 200 additional positions for women university professors over the next five years with ?75 million. The German states will also provide funding for the

‘Highly qualified and talented women scientists belong in the top scientific and research positions. With this programme for women professors, we are able to significantly increase the number
of women professors, and to provide young women scientists with models for their own careers,’ said Germany’s Minister for Education and Research, Annette Schavan.

The programme will work as follows: once universities receive a positive appraisal of their approach to equality, they will be able to create up to three five-year positions for women
professors at a specific salary level. The university will receive ?150,000 for each position created. The appraisals will be conducted by a group of external experts from science, research and
university management.

The new positions will be created where a current professor, either male or female, is approaching retirement. The overall number of professors will therefore increase.

The minister said that the programme will be a long-lasting instrument for supporting the very best women scientists, and that the programme will strengthen universities’ equal opportunities

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