ExpeShare project to facilitate mobile content sharing

By Redazione

Researchers from four European countries have joined forces to develop technologies for capturing and sharing experiences. The project ExpeShare attempts to go beyond web-based sharing of
digital multimedia content, trying to create novel peer-to-peer networking solutions.

‘Experience is a complex phenomenon that goes beyond the picture or video clip that can easily be captured,’ says ExpeShare. ‘The project will attempt to define this concept of experience and
develop intuitive tools for capturing managing, sharing and replaying experiences. Selecting the peers or community with whom to share is another issue requiring innovative interactive

In developing underlying concepts and technologies, project partners will focus on how multimedia content – be it music, games or a self-made video of the last skiing trip – can be shared in a
secure, legal and simple way. ‘The ExpeShare project will take the peer-to-peer networking paradigm to the mobile world, while also suggesting ways to secure the legality of the exchanged

Mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 and DVD players, memory sticks and digital cameras often contain music, pictures, videos or games, but have only limited support for exchange and
rendering. It is one of the aims of ExpeShare to facilitate sharing this information.

Like other projects coordinated by the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), the concepts developed in its framework will be tested in a real-world environment with pilot sites possibly
including tourist areas, sports centres, public spaces and events or professional meetings.

The ExpeShare project involves 22 partners from Finland, France, Spain and Italy. After the kick-off in April 2007, ExpeShare is still in its starting phase and is due to end in June 2009. It
is partly funded under the Eureka ITEA strategic cluster programme.


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