European backing for US food label


A new nutrition label launched in the US will make it easier for consumers to make better food and drink choices, according to the Brussels based, Choices International Foundation, a
global, cross industry initiative to promote healthier eating.

The Smart Choices Program is a new voluntary front-of-pack nutrition labelling system created by a group of scientists, academics, health organizations, food and beverage manufacturers
and retailers.

It features a symbol that identifies more nutritious choices within specific product categories. Designed to help people stay within their daily calorie needs, the label identifies
calories per serving and servings per container on the front of the pack.

Welcoming the new labelling system, Jup van Veld, secretary of the Choices International Foundation said: «We are pleased to witness the world’s largest food market
introducing this positive logo; especially seeing its broad support among industry and public health stakeholders».

«These principles fully resemble our Choices Programme which is introduced in many European countries and beyond».


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